Mission Statement


In this case, it’s about loving movies.

A lot of modern movie writing takes a negative stance. It has some admittedly witty snark and sarcasm running through it, but the tone is so often snide; it so often rests on caveats; it takes its fuel from tearing something down.


I get excited about the cinema, about films, about talking and writing and watching films. So many people work so hard to put something on the screen and to take you away, transport you somewhere else, for a couple of hours of something different.


Why does a delay in production automatically mean there’s a problem? Why do rumours that could quite easily have been started on a slow news day at the arse end of a clickbait website suddenly mean a production is troubled?

Why can’t we look forward to what’s coming up? Why can’t there be excitement around what we do know, ignoring all the things we don’t know?


We should be sharing the love of things we’re passionate about, not somehow waiting for them to fail; not writing articles about how The Powers That Be don’t know how to do things properly, how the architect of a project isn’t who we might have chosen, so it can’t possibly be successful; not snidely reviewing things with meaningless star gradings and declaring an opinion as an entirely objective judgement.

The Onslaught takes a movie, or something about a movie, and pulls an appreciation out of it. Most of them are new movies, some of them will be old movies, some will be several movies that help illustrate a point…and yes, some will be positive reactions to the negativity that fills my Twitter feed on a daily basis…but it will always be about a love of the movies.


The first season of The Onslaught is currently underway.

You’ll find new articles here on a roughly weekly basis, thirteen in total, with a bit of luck. Follow the blog to keep up to date, sign up for emails, keep an eye on Twitter, tell a friend, tell an enemy (this is all about the positive, remember?)…

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…or just watch this page, where I’ll link to the new posts as and when they arise.


In finding its feet, The Onslaught had a little bit of a false start, for a couple of reasons that you can find out about by reading Failure Simply Means You Tried – the remainder of “Season Zero” you can find below, including Film of the Year 2016, a personal favourite of mine because one of my heroes actually read it.

And largely Made My LIFE.

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