Failure Simply Means You Tried

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While we’re being honest, by “a pretty dumb time to reboot The Onslaught“, I obviously mean really, really dumb.

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But now, as things settle a little uncomfortably back into where they should be and a bit more time is given back to me, I can look at The Onslaught afresh and actually do the thing I set out to do back in November.

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It’s far easier to plan a solid thirteen weeks of blogs, so that I’m not scrabbling to scoop out ideas every week forever, than it is to pull something out of the proverbial, every week, without fail. A clear beginning and end, a plan for what to include and an outline of where I’m heading means things like work and illness are not such a problem.

(So long as the illness in question isn’t like last time, where I couldn’t really go to the cinema. That puts a bit of a wet blanket on watching a new movie and writing about it.)

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The blogs I’ve written before have always had lengthy periods of inactivity where I’ve lost sight of what I’m writing. The focus of a blog changes over time but until you identify that it has, you find that, more and more, you’re crowbarring vaguely related material into the format you’ve devised.

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What works, what doesn’t; what people want to read and what they don’t. You learn as you write — and that’s a thing that never stops, no matter how long you’ve been writing — and, no matter how well planned you are, the tale always takes a turn you might not have expected, be it suddenly or gradually.


My aim is to post to The Onslaught once a week during the season – I can plan it around work and real life, but of course those are considerations that often get in the way when writing isn’t a paid job. The format I’ve already established with Fantastic Beasts and How to Franchise Them and Film of the Year 2016 will continue – I’m not that interested in writing straight-up reviews, more taking the movies I’ve seen and pursuing the film-related thoughts they tend to stir up.

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